Open Mouth & Insert Foot

As this is my third post on Life with Ampersands, I strongly recommend that you read An Assignment and its resulting comment section.  I’ll wait.

That’s right – with a brand new blog and zero followers, I managed to have the artist I referenced in my post comment on my post.  And my well-hidden social media anxiety SHOT THROUGH THE ROOF.  I mean it, my inner dialog went something like: oh man, he knew I was talking about him – he sniffed me out and read my poor rhetoric and was kinda offended and I AM SO SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME FOR NOT BEING A BETTER WRITER.

I was mortified.  I had been called out – politely and without malice – but I had been called out.  On a post that was suppose to convey professionalism and respect, I quickly came to realize that someone whose work I admire was less than impressed with my own attempt.


But it did help me.  I realized that intonation and intention are not conveyed well in a blog read by people who have never met me.  That both language and rhetoric should present a clear message to readers, regardless of their familiarity with my style.  And that the graceful thing to do when I’m called out is to admit my mistakes and correct them, not hide them.

Which, trust me, I wanted to hide them.  And myself.  Under a rock.


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